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Imagine A Colour You’ve Never Seen Before

What do you see? Is it the indigo blue of your first lover’s jeans? Is it the emerald green of the ring you pawned some time ago? Is it the dark grey skies before a thunderstorm?
It is not possible to imagine a color we’ve never seen before; we have indeed seen all these color before. Whether it is the indigo blue of your first lover’s jeans; the emerald green of the ring you pawned some time ago; the dark grey skies before a thunderstorm; the intense red of your mother’s lipstick.

This was first mentioned in a TED Talk by Tim Brown on creativity and play that the brain cannot perform this task because we build new thoughts and ideas based on past experiences, emotions, and the 
knowledge we come across.

Yet as early as 40,000 years ago, artists were experimenting with colors never before seen in the history of painting using only a palette of five basic tones. One of these tones is red ochre. Red is perhaps the oldest color in history.

Often associated with romance and passion, red is a c…


Adventures are always fun. Climbing a hill is not just about the view from the top. It’s about slaying monsters, spotting rare butterflies and distant landmarks, peering through telescopes, and raiding castles.

Hills can be daunting to even the best cyclists. One of the most obvious advantages of electric bikes is their ability to conquer hills. By using the battery to assist by increasing your average hill-climbing speed and you'll be at the top before you know it!

The 3 things to remember are that riding a bike is great for the environment, great for your health and overall, it’s just a better way to see the world. But what it boils down to in the end is that it should be fun.

An electric bicycle augments the human power and not replacing it. Therefore, pedaling is required when riding on an e-bike, and this is especially valid when going up a hill.

Electric bikes can be designed specifically for better hill climbing or optimized for better range or speed. Motors with a higher nomin…


With more than 15 different types of plugs and wall sockets in use around the world, one of our constant worries, when we travel abroad, is whether the chargers of our electronic devices would be compatible with the electric outlets.
Why is there such a phenomenon? This phenomenon has its roots in history. At the end of the 19th century, electricity was initially only used for lighting. Soon it became clear that electricity could also be used also for heating and other household appliances; manufacturers had to find another way to connect them to the power grid. This resulted in the two-pin plug invented in the 1920s. As the need for safer installations grew, three-pin outlets were developed. The third pin on the outlet was an earth pin, which was effectively connected to earth, this being at the same potential as the neutral supply line. Own design

At the time, other countries could have simply chosen to use the standard American plugs and outlets. But in the early days of electricity, fe…


We all have a habit of Complaining. Whether it's good or bad, complaining never stops. The very satisfying part of human nature is COMPLAINING. One cannot eat or sleep but complain. Life teaches us a lot of things. There are ups and downs too, what we should do is, do as it is supposed to be done, or else you will find it difficult and never find a solution to it.
We all measure our days with good and bad things, we don’t remember the good kinds of stuff but grumble about the bad one whole day. And that makes you clumsy, irritated and unorganized. Whether it is at work place or home.

Have you ever tried making your day organized no matter how it’s going? No!!then you should try, because doing that you will feel that no matter how hard the day was, you still have achieved something. And to get this achievement what really is needed is a Smart home and office that is well organized, and what is required to make the home and office smart and organized?A PowerCube Original.

The Power of t…

Moving Conveniently Through the Busy Roads

As the Digital world is moving at a rapid speed so the people of this world. No one wants to wait or stand for anything. And especially the working professional cannot afford to run late for work, it not only makes your day go bad, but it will also create a negative impact.

I live in the town side, my house is quite far from my workplace. In order to be on time for work, I had to leave very early and change from bus to train and then walk quite a lot. Sometimes I use to come on time, and sometimes I get late due to bad traffic. And then going in late for work use to make my day dull.

I was tired of this everyday routine of long traveling and getting late, it use to make me so tired early in the morning that I didn't have any energy left  to work for the day, and my work use to get hamper, as I use to get late and could not complete my work until the end.

Didn't have any other option left, so thought of quitting my job. One day my friend came up to me and told me about ALLOCACOC’s…


The average business professional has 30 to 100 projects on their plate. Modern workers are interrupted seven times an hour and distracted up to 2.1 hours a day. And four out of 10 people working at large companies are experiencing a major corporate restructuring, and therefore facing uncertainty about their futures. This may be why more than 40% of adults say they lie awake at night plagued by the stressful events of the day.
Is there a way to maintain a steady focus throughout the day? Is it possible to do everything that needs to get done and still have energy left over after work? How do you keep cool under so many demands?

Acting rather than reacting is very essential at workplaces. And employees most of the times forget that because they go through a lot of stress. It seriously becomes impossible to work throughout the weeks without break. Life becomes monotonous and completing work seems to be impossible. Most of the people fail to take this stress or burden from the work envi…

Magical Wallet

The world has undergone changes and so do we. Today in this 21st century things are changing at a rapid speed. From tape recorder to pen drive, from cars to battery scooter. Things are changing keeping in mind the busy schedule of human beings going through.

Today is the Digital world and things are going according to the Digital World. The biggest example is credit and Debit Cards. I remember my dad and uncle used to carry huge wallets with money and coins and all visiting card in one wallet making it huge and bulky to carry it in the pocket. And I still remember taking out coins from their pockets for my daily extra expenses and they never got the idea of it, as they have such a lot of coins they never counted it.

But now Debit and Credit card has taken place. It has become a trend to carry cards instead of money and coins. One big plus point is one does not need to carry big and huge wallets. Card have solved the problem of carrying these huge wallets with money and coins. Because no…

12 Winter Must-Dos

Just in case you get bored during winter, we rounded up 12 winter suggestions. Let us know which one you enjoy most!
1.Have hot (and I mean really hot) chocolate
If you are making your own, a lower cocoa version will give a sweeter, more blandly creamy result, while higher cocoa version will give a more intense, earthy flavor. Don’t forget toppings such as whipped cream and marshmallows. 2. Visit a Christmas market
We like the one in Maastricht, The Netherlands. This year’s theme in Maastricht is Magical Maastricht where the city will be illuminated in an abundance of festive lights. 3. Go to a sauna and kick back in an outdoor hot tub The sauna can also ease the sinus congestion that comes with a winter cold particularly if you enjoy plenty of steam from the sauna stones and put some eucalyptus oil into the water that you ladle on.
4. Try Bikram yoga

Before you start heading down to your local yoga studio, Bikram yoga is conducted in a room heated to 35–42 °C. Not for the faint-hearted. 5. Wr…