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Celebrating Breast Feeding Week with PowerCube

Breastfeeding is Mother's gift to herself, her baby and the Earth.
Today marks the start of the International Breast-Feeding week and there are some facts we should reassert. Firstly the wonder that is human body, that it can produce the exact amount and temperature of Milk required for a baby, is amazing! But let's not forget that most species can produce milk for their young's and often times we resort to those forms of Milk instead of breast milk.

The saying goes, breast milk is better than any udder milk and while Breast feeding may not be the choice of every parent, it is the best option for all newborns.

Breastfeeding can also save a family approximately 3 to 5l rupees annually (compared to cost of formula)Breast-feeding makes sense when equating for well-being, health, and over all affordability.
While Motherhood is one of the biggest blessing that women are bestowed with, it brings forth its own set of challenges. And bringing up a child is an all-consuming task, s…

Stranger Beside Me

It was raining heavily that day and I had a very tiring day at office too. I simply wanted to get home and relax. So instead of taking my usual bus I booked a shuttle that day. The bus would normally take me an hour or more to reach, but shuttle would be much faster I thought. 

I got out at 6 and the shuttle was parked right in front of my office, I dint even have to walk that extra mile for a bus. I got inside the car and took the middle seat. The shuttle had another pick up, so after picking me up, it made another pick up.

This new passenger was an extremely jumpy guy. Firstly, it took him 10mins to get to the pick up stop which was extremely annoying, because my whole point of taking the shuttle was so that it gets me home faster.
Next, instead of sitting in front, he came right beside me and sat.
He appeared to not be able to sit still even for a moment, and as I turned my head to see what he was doing, I saw that he was staring at me. I immediately looked away as it made me extr…

In A Remote Way

Life is the toughest race and often times the choice is not even up to us. Today human beings are always perturbed by worry. Like most, I too have an extremely hectic work life  that consumes most of my time.

I remember when last week I barely saved myself from hearing an earful.It was raining badly that day and I had a big assignment submission. Although I really wanted to, I couldn't take a leave that day. I knew this presentation was important, so I had even slept off early. But when the alarm rang on the fateful morning,  I saw that I was running 15 minutes late! All I could see blurring my vision, was my Boss's cold face asking me what could possibly make me late today! I did not stop once, I kept rushing and finally got out of the house on time. 

Halfway to the office, I realized I had forgotten to turn off the lights in my bedroom! How could I ! I remember turning off the living room switches, and the kitchen, so how did I forget to turn off the bedroom switches! 

Say Yes to DAX

The World has changed and so have we. In the 21st Century things are moving at a rapid speed. Be it any kind of change, from tape recorders to pen drives, from cars that run on diesel to Electric Scooters and Cars. Things are being transformed everyday keeping in mind the extra demands of man.

In the Digital World Credit and Debit Cards are the biggest example of how money is no longer paper but plastic. I remember back when my Father used to carry a huge wallet with notes and coins and visiting cards. It was easier for me to take some extra money from them, because so many coins ensured that they never had much time to count it all.

But it is easier now to carry cards instead of cash. Be it for safety reasons or simpler easier transactions. It has reduced the hassle for carrying big fat wallets around. But there are also some negatives to this. For example if one wants to take out just the card, they have to pull out everything from their wallets which is quite problematic.

This Fath…

Enough With The Shock

Every Indian in any part of the country can tell you atleast one or two incidents of how these electrical multi-plugs have led them to receive an electrical shock or two.

Extension cords are how we manage our developing nation deal with everyday power problems and its the same extension cords which create innumerable fuss in our life. I think majorly for the fact that we can't do without these, that the companies never bothered to improve the designs or simply make it more user-friendly.

But last month as I was determine to not let another member of my family get shocked from the extension cords, I began vigorously surfing the internet. And infact I didn't have to search all that vigorously as I in the beginning only stumbled across Allocacoc's PowerStrip.

Designed to make things easier for the user, the PowerStrip also enhances better usage by allowing USB ports as well.

The PowerStrip facilitates all kinds of devices, so that you don't need to add more than one extens…

Powering Your Life

Remember the first time you ever used a cellphone? 

I remember it, my mother had purchased her first phone and it was a tiny b/w screen phone but that never occurred to me to back then. I was thrilled ! My excitement was over the top, I remember I used to shortlist my favorite ringtones in the phone and play it like songs when I lay down. So little meant so much to us back then.The first time I had by mistake put my mother's phone on Vibrate mode I remember how we both completely freaked out and I had rushed to my neighbour to get it back on the normal mode.

It was embarrassing, but back then it was curious. My mother always had innate faith in me that I always select the right piece of technology and quite frankly for my father, I was the next person to go if he needed any outlook or suggestion of this generation. He considered me the brand ambassador of all things in Gen Y.

But times have changed now, and the roles of a daughters has also changed. The world appears to be prepp…

With a Click

A few years back a movie had come, named "Click". It was a Adam Sandler starrer, so needless to say it was funny as hell. But what's most important is the issue it brought forward.

Humans lead such a fast paced life, that we all have across this thought at one time or the other. The fact that if we could have a remote to control our lives and everything associated with it.
In the film "Click", Adam Sandler works at a very demanding job, where the success is rapid but the compromise or the toll that it takes on his family is  also very real. One fine day he walks into a Bed Bath and Beyond and miraculously he is given a remote which would help him control and monitor his life. Adam Sandler like most of us petty humans takes the remote and uses it upto its full potential. In spite of the warnings of the wise old person who gave it to him, Adam Sandler cannot resist his urges and uses the remote in every aspect of his life, including while making love to his wife.

Decking It Up!

I had the opportunity to study or observe human psychology through just regular interactions.

I think it is always for one to scrutinize others than themselves, that is far more harrowing. However, not like those people don't exist either, they exist very well. But their existence is mostly concerned with their selves and their own interests. I suppose these are the type of people who would be careful about their money, who would strategize, compartmentalize a portion and keep the rest for expenditure or vice versa. Either way, I have seen people who don't want to deal with money and  being much casual about it than they should be. 

The question whether they have more or less is quite irrelevant here I think, since I have seen both of these categories set examples. I remember back when I was a kid, my father used to use a wallet, but strangely he stopped as I was growing up. The changes he used to keep in his pockets and anything important like cards, he would keep it in his br…

Gift for Brother

Like every sibling, I and my brother also fight a lot. We cannot decide on one thing. If one thinks of east the other goes west. But there is one day in a year that we don’t fight at all and we make sure that we promise to take care of each other no matter what.

That is Raksha Bandhan. This is the day I feel like a princess, because that day my elder brother makes me feel like one. He treats me most important. And gives me whatever I want. I can feel his love and care that day. I feel no matter what when it comes to taking care of one’s sister they are always there. 

This year also Rakhi is approaching soon. So, I thought this year why not make it special for him. Why not treat him the way he treats me. This time instead of taking gift from him, I thought I will gift him something, in fact something special that will make him glad. 

But what to gift him was a big question? 

I started searching the internet. Thought will get something at least. I did the whole search but could not find a…

The Age of Choice

My mother has always been a person filled with aesthetic sense. It has always been difficult to shop for her, her choice has always been classy and elegant and not even slightly overboard. 
When I was a kid it was really annoying to shop with mom. To stand for hours on end at one shop, while she made the perfect choice. I did not seem to mind much when she did the same for me, but personally speaking I prefer less choices because I think too many choices can boggle a mind. 

Choice is the story of this decade. We have so much option and so much too see from, that often we just settle with something familiar or pre-used. Be it Web series, films, shops or brands. Even while ordering food online, I have seen we get so distracted by the amount of choices that it takes hours just to finalize and place a order. In that case I open the app and order from somewhere I had previously ordered and I often stick to that restaurant for weeks before changing and ordering from somewhere else.
This time f…

The Smart Power

In every work-space, requires two very important things. 
One is a Coffee Machine, and the other is hospitable environment. Anything that requires team work cannot function, if only one or two member of the team is performing.  This is an age of sensitization, be it Corporate or Government. All over the world we see people fighting for equal rights, equal pay and the reason is obviously fair if not more. 

Globally a lot more is happening in order to create sensitization for each gender in every sector of industry. The #MeToo campaign recently showed us how if we come forward and voice our harassment or exploits, it turns out that we are not alone, be it any sector or industry. Coming back to team work, the one that we hear almost everyday, in every up and coming office. The culture of work-space, specially the new ones have changed quite significantly. People who are investing in start-ups have a whole different outlook than their predecessor about how a company should be marketed and w…

Easy Step Up

Being an editor is a tough job especially if you are always on the move. Editing is an intricate affair be it film editing or any other type of visual editing. There is an upcoming demand of better content on the internet as the days are passing.

With each new client there is a always additional demands of changes in sequences, color, sound, anything. For this purpose I find it easier to carry Macbook than to come home every time and hear about the changes over phone or mail. Because most times clients themselves are not too sure of what they want. Too many choices can do it to anyone. So I prefer to show it to them, what changes they are actually asking for and how it can or can't be done. Most time after seeing the footage on screen, they tend to ask me to do the best. 

But the choice is always up to them. Carrying around your laptop and taking it out anytime can be sometimes challenging specially if you are to edit it there itself. This is the reason I got myself Allocacoc'…