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Re-inventing the Kitchen

There is none who can spend a life better than that of a person who loves to cook and who loves to eat. For centuries food has been experimented with, scaled, measured but always ultimately resulting in a beautiful experience. There is a quote that goes ' Know you food, know your farmers, and know your kitchen.'   For anyone to truly appreciate what food they are having, it is important to know the effort that goes behind producing a splendid plate of food, the love and care that is put into it. Who doesn't like eating out? Most of us does! But those that don't have the option to eat at home or cook by their self in their own kitchen, they can tell you the true value or the essence of a home cooked meal. Although you might have a taste of the Global cuisine now, most of us still has the first memory of a kitchen with their mother's in them. Growing up when we reflect on how our mother did everything, we are truly stunned. Providing alm

Gifts for Rakhi

'Family is not an important thing. It's everything.' It's a blessing to live in a joint family and I am blessed to be part of one such. We all celebrate every festival with a lot of pomp and promise, mostly because for those times we forget to crib and fight and come together to celebrate. This time as Rakhi was approaching , we planned to celebrate it as well. Usually on the first day we get over with the rituals in the morning and after that the entire family is out for a fun picnic. But all in all, this is the day that all of our cousins come together to celebrate. Although the entire year is spent in fights between my brother and me, I always try to make him feel special on this day. And he always returns the favor with the most lovely gift! But this year I had decided to gift my brother as well. I wanted to give him something special this year as he was going abroad for higher education. So, I got out of office early one day and wen

Mother of All

A woman is a universe. She is a Mother and someone who can do anything for her child. When it comes to her child’s happiness she can do everything. I was in my final year when I was given an assignment to write about motherhood and breast feeding. For research, I came across women who had given birth to new-born. On telling them that I was writing an article on the mother, child and breastfeeding, they happily agreed to co-operate and even asked me to come the next day with all my questions. So, I came across some women who were new mothers. I told them, that I was writing an article on mother and breast feeding, requested them to allow me stay with them for few hours and let me write about themselves. They agreed. The next day I came to first lady early morning, wanted to see her activities with the new born. The next day, I made an early start knowing full well how difficult it must be for a new mother to balance everything in her life. This particular woman that I vi