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Innovation of the Revolutionary PowerCube

Roti, kapda, makan, these three things were the basic need for life. Isn’t it? Yes, but not now… In this Generation of technology, our life is heavily depended on Gadgets which relies upon  on electrical power.      PowerCube, due to its amazing & overwhelming design is the innovation to carry your power solution anywhere without being embarrassed. Allocacoc, a Netherland based company Introduces PowerCube, a Cubic Design having functions of 5 multiple sockets or 4 sockets and USB, one of its kind, who has won accolades worldwide and have won huge appreciation. PowerCube is the answer to your ever-pressing issue of bulky plugs blocking its neighboring socket outlets. If you haven’t used one yet, you are missing out on the millennial solution. A smartly designed cube with a power strip that enables consumers to use all its socket outlets. PowerCube turned 6 this year and is now available in more than 83 countries glob

International Forum Design Award 2018 : Foldable Bag

Winner of the iF Design Award, FoldBag is a bag that adapts to your needs. Each year the iF International Forum Design (Hannover) awards this internationally renowned label for design. A jury of 63 independent experts from 16 countries selected the winners of the iF Design Award 2018 in Hamburg in January and rewarded the 75 best entries with the iF gold award 2018. These were specially recognized by iF CEO Ralph Wiegmann with the golden iF sculpture. For 65 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. Submissions are awarded in the following disciplines: Product, Packaging, Communication, and Service Design/UX, Architecture and Interior Architecture as well as Professional Concept All winning entries will be presented in the ‘Design Excellence’ section of the iF

Upgrade Life In 3 Easy Steps

There are certain practices you can use to upgrade the way you manage tasks in your personal life, like creating processes and even carving out time to focus on resolving the issue. Resolution The difficulty you want to work on maybe staring you straight in the face, such as the thousands of pictures in your phone that are taking up valuable available space.  Transfer all your important data from your phone to laptop and save spaces with the USB cable. Allocacoc's Power |USBcable| has an uncommon flat design, making it less likely that the cord will entangle when you stuff it in your bag. And if it does, the knot will never be as tight as it could get with a conventional cable. Room When there are children in the house, it's our duty to use the electrical devices carefully keeping in mind the safety of our close ones. Ideally, the more protected the space, the more efficient your blocked-off time will be. Allocacoc's Powercube has a

Pop-up Store in Netherlands

Christmas has gone cheerfully and New Year Celebration is just about to begin! As the festive season is here it's absolutely the perfect time to announce that Allocacoc's pop-up store has recently been launched! DesignNest pop-up store is our third pop-up store in the Netherlands, located in Utrecht, at the city center. In this store, we want to show our diverse products and to introduce DesignNest brand to the public. Hence, we are proud to name our store as DesignNest Pop-up Store. The biggest attractions of the store are weekend sales and discounts and a number of exciting offers.  Right now, the store is giving exciting Winter Sale! If you haven't yet visited the store, we would want you to not to miss the opportunity! All the exclusive products of Allocacoc are present in the store with some interesting prices. Keeping up with our crowdfunding projects? In this store, you can experience the working prototype before you pledge

Fastest Asian To Cycle The Globe : Vedangi Kulkarni

Indian woman Vedangi Kulkarni has become the fastest Asian to cycle the globe.  Hailing from a suburb of Pune, 20-year old Vedangi cycled into Kolkata in the wee hours today, completing the 29,000 kilometers' distance required to qualify as bicycling across the globe. Vedangi told news agency PTI that she spent 159 days peddling up to 300 kilometers a day in 14 countries. Starting off from Perth in July, she will now be flying back to the Australian city to complete the record by cycling a 15-kilometer distance to reach the same place from where she started.   Vedangi is a student of the University of Bournemouth in the United Kingdom pursuing a degree in sports management. It's extremely delightful to watch someone's spirit to win, to explore, to find and to join in the fun yet such a grueling campaign.  Allocacoc appreciates such undying spirit and also promotes such positivity among the people. While talking about cycling, one of the m

Six Trends Of Smartphones-Excerpted from YOURSTORY

Our country today is the fastest-growing smartphone market in the world with shipments increasing 16 percent year-on-year, according to eMarketer. How do you make a purchase while selecting a branded phone? Do you go through any website or unboxing videos or to word of mouth? As there are multiple mobile buying guides already available on the internet so it becomes easy to check the trendy handsets of the market. But there are many people whose purchasing behavior towards smartphones are either based on trends. What are these trends are all about? Just give it a read! Scroll Down. There are six trends we will be talking about in this article regarding the shape, size of smartphones. 1. Triple/Quad cameras: The rear camera game has gone beyond imagination. Where 2017 was about dual camera trends in the smartphones now it’s about quad camera phones with more flexibility, expertise, and choice. 2. The notch: A notch is essentially a cut-out, at the top